Interview Tips

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Preparing well before an interview is important, in order to market yourself in the best light. We’ll start by sharing tips from hiring managers at the prestigious investment giant, Goldman Sachs. Five basic interview tips for all associates and undergraduate majors:

  1. Know Your Resume: Be able to speak clearly on your goals, your strengths, weaknesses, experiences and skills you’ve gained over the years. Use examples to back your claims!
  2. Promote Your Skills: Demonstrate your abilities by sharing examples of how you overcame challenges. Interviewers may want to gauge how well you handle teamwork, problem-solving, adaptability. Share any recognition for a job or project well done.
  3. Research the Company: To be able to ace your interview, find out as much as possible about the company, its culture and how they interview candidates beforehand.
  4. Prepare Responses: Prepare to answer concisely along with well-thought out solutions. Questions may range from work challenges to personal abilities. Practice answering questions before the interview.
  5. Ask Relevant Questions:  Prepare and ask pertinent questions, which help to know more about the company, job responsibilities and expectations for the position applied for.

After these basic tips, part 2 will share interview tips specifically for Liberal Arts majors.

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