Paralegal and Related Careers: Mediator

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Rising legal costs and lengthy court proceedings have prompted corporate, government and even civil cases to be resolved outside of the court, through a faster process called Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).  This opens career opportunities for Paralegal degree holders.

The ADR process is handled by mediators – also known as facilitators and arbitrators. Mediators act as a neutral third party to settle conflicts through negotiation, often through creative means, in order to reach a mutual settlement. Becoming a mediator requires excellent communication, negotiation, problem-solving, analytical and conflict resolution skills.

A Forbes magazine column shows how disputing parties are turning towards this method in increasing numbers because of its many advantages.

In Missouri, no formal licensing or certification is required in order to become a mediator. Mediators may also work in-house for government, corporate, health care or educational institutions, in addition to offering independent services.

Developing the required skills to become a mediator, along with having solid understanding of the law and case proceedings, which the online Paralegal Degree at William Woods offers, provides you a definite edge when you’re working towards becoming a mediator practitioner.

An abundance of support is available to anyone considering the field. The Association of Missouri Mediators holds conferences, workshops and discussion sessions throughout the year. This platform calls on experienced mediators to speak and discuss industry relevant topics. Further information can also be gained from the National Association of Community Mediators.

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