Growing into Project Management

William Woods Adult Degrees

If you’re considering the timing, cost and work requirements of earning an associates degree to boost salary or raise your level of responsibility, you may already have the right mind-set for project management.

Project management covers a lot of ground, and can vary widely depending on the size of the company, the project team and industry. At its core is a simple idea — things need to get done, on time and within budget.

One of the things you gain from an online degree like the Associates in Liberal Arts is a more orderly mind — able to sequence and discern right action, and right timing. That’s a basic skill for anyone involved in project management.

A project manager is expected to have control over three project constraints: Budget, Scope and Schedule. These constraints must be handled very carefully, as a change in any one constraint, could affect the project quality and impact any or all of the other constraints.

The other constant in project management is people. Depending on schedule, you may need to organize people around an urgent deadline, or sustain them over a long — months or even years — project.

The Project Management Institute Mid-Missouri Chapter aims to benefit and advance the Project Management profession in Missouri. It  represents their members who work in Missouri businesses in St. Louis, Kansas City, Fulton, Columbia, Jefferson City, and statewide.

In future posts, we will explore the opportunity and responsibilities of project managers in more depth.

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