Interview Tips for Liberal Arts Majors

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Liberal Arts teach skills that are demanded by many fields, and may open doors to a career you are passionate about. In Part 1 of this series of posts, we discussed basic interview tips. We’ll go on to share specific tips for liberal arts majors that help prepare you get into your field of interest.

Behavioral Interview Preparation:  Apart from looking at your degree and skills, interviewers may assess you on how you respond to on-the-job work scenarios. Here, interviewers may adopt the STAR technique to gauge a candidate’s suitability for the job.

  • Situation: A job challenge the candidate faced in the past or one expected in this job.
  • Task:  How candidate would deliver upon their responsibilities.
  • Action: What steps the candidate took, or would take to complete a task.
  • Result: The results of the challenge faced by the candidate, or expected outcome.

Build A Strong Résumé: Sell your key strengths by preparing a targeted résumé with meaningful action words to highlight your achievements. Make sure to keep a printed copy handy on interview day, or a PDF version saved on a USB to give to your interviewer.

Cover Letter Magic: Aside from the résumé, what will make a candidate stand out from others is an interesting, concise and industry-relevant cover letter .  To spark a prospective employer’s interest, the cover letter allows candidates to express their enthusiasm for the company and position.

Be On Time: This may be obvious, but to exude professionalism, a candidate is expected to be at the interview venue at least few minutes before the assigned time.  Get directions before interview day and estimate travel times from Google Maps or Mapquest to make sure you arrive on time.

A well-prepared candidate will be equipped to pave their own way towards a focused and successful job interview.

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