Careers in Missouri’s Transportation Industry

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With an estimated 10% contribution to GDP in the U.S., transportation continues to be a profitable business – and is a major industry in Missouri.  According to industry reports by MERIC (Missouri Economic Research and Information Center), the logistics and transportation industry’s production levels, income and employment are forecasted to enjoy healthy growth over the next 4-5 years, especially in the Kansas City area. Students pursuing a business qualification, such as the online Business degree at William Woods, may wonder what career opportunities lie ahead in the transportation industry. In this two part series, we’ll provide you with a snapshot of the industry to weigh your options.

Transportation includes air, trucking, rail, water and intermodal forms of transport and it can be broadly divided into two areas:

  1. Equipment Manufacturing
  2. Supply Chain Management and Logistics

The transportation equipment manufacturing sector boasted foreign exports of around $2 billion in 2009, and has grown steadily since. The majority of equipment production can be divided into the following areas, along with mention of notable companies located in Missouri:

  • Motor vehicle and parts (Ford Motor Company, GM, Emcon Technologies LLC)
  • Aerospace products and parts (Boeing, GKN Aerospace)
  • Ship and boat building (Trinity Marine Products Inc, Tracker Marine)
  • Railroad rolling stock and railcars (American Railcar Industries)
  • Others: Armored military vehicles, tanks, trailers and bikes (Harley Davidson)

The trucking and rail businesses are projected to have the highest growth levels, as retail and wholesale businesses continue to step up their game. Employment at all levels is expected to flourish – including business management jobs such as accounting, auditing, consultancy and sales.

In Part 2, we’ll examine the important growth in supply chain and logistics careers, in relation to the boom of transportation and related industries.

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