Psychology Career Outlook: Career flexibility and market demand

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psychology bachelor degree career outlookA bachelor’s degree in psychology is one of the most popular majors among undergraduates today. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) estimates that in the 2015-2016 school year, of the 1.9 million total bachelor’s degrees conferred, some 117,000 were in psychology.

If you are wondering what’s driving such an interest in this major, the answer has to do with several reasons. For one, a degree in psychology offers almost an unmatched versatility with career options. Psychology graduates pursue careers in human resources, market research, case management, criminology, advertising, counseling and more. There isn’t a most popular path for those with a bachelor’s in psychology. Rather, this degree offers a unique opportunity to discover and choose from a wide range of career options and for some, this flexibility is highly appealing.

For this reason, William Woods University online Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology includes courses such as PSY 225 – Careers in Psychology. This course allows students to explore how the study of psychology is applicable to various fields and professions. In doing so, students develop career goals and specific plans for gaining employment with their psychology degree. The course also explores areas of graduate study as well as the job opportunities available to students who pursue advanced degrees.

Beyond the range of career options, another reason driving the popularity of the psychology major may have to do with a growing demand for psychologists. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that between 2018 and 2028, the demand for psychologists will grow by 14 percent — a rate much faster than the average rate of 5 percent for all occupations. While psychologists typically have a doctoral degree in psychology, a bachelor’s degree is often the first step. According to some estimates, about 25 percent of psychology baccalaureates continue on to graduate school in the field of psychology.

Lastly, for some, the curious nature of studying the science of human behavior and mind — a complex and fascinating field — is simply too enticing. Some may find that studying psychology is less about professional development and more about personal enrichment. By learning concepts related to how the human behavior and mind work, students may gain a deeper sense of self understanding, creating a path toward greater mindfulness and ultimately sense of clarity and fulfillment.

William Wood University online Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology is ideal for those who wish to continue working while they pursue their degree so they can see immediate application of the information they are learning. Students will have an opportunity to learn about interpersonal behavior, personality development, intelligence, psychopathology, assessment, treatment, and research methodology.

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